Workshop design and crochet shawl/wrap

I regularly give workshops crochet shawls. There are many types of shawls and it is nice to make them yourself, because you can make him exactly as you want. I start such a workshop with some information about color use, surface division and possible decorations. Different forms are also covered, and I have examples of that.

Then you start to design one yourself on paper. You get a number of basic forms from me and on the basis of all sorts of sources of inspiration the most beautiful creations appear. In the meantime, you can discuss your ideas and together we can see what is feasible. Designing does not have to be very detailed, but you have to think about it before you start such a project. Some take photos or pictures of what they want to make, or take a previously crocheted / purchased piece with them that they would like to go further or want to ‘pimp’. Everything is possible.

After the ‘design phase’ we will start crocheting. If you are a beginner it is nice that you have one on one guidance during a workshop, an advanced one can do it more independently. This is ideal, because I can guide you directly and answer questions when you are busy. This is what students often say afterwards that this is a big advantage compared to YouTube. You can not ask anything if you do not succeed, or if you do not understand. During the workshop I am there to help you directly with problems or to answer questions. Also to give you tips on what to look out for. Of course it is also very nice to participate in a workshop. If everyone is a bit on the move, I have time for the explanation of the different decorations. Usually we hook together a ‘lotus flower’. Once you have mastered them, there are countless possibilities for variation with this one pattern. You can think of color, crochet hook sizes, different types of wool, etc. I also teach you how to do this, and show it by means of examples. Leafs, dots, tassels, pompoms and other decorative forms will also be treated on request. It depends on a little of everyone’s wishes.

After a tasty lunch, which most people usually do not take time for 😉, you can continue on the project. At the end you get the tutorials and videos to take home so you can continue with your piece of work at home and you can always ask me questions if you get stuck through the mail. Let us together color the world even happier with more colors. Will you soon also follow such a fun workshop?