Workshop crochet at the farm (BoerenBed)

Last Saturday I gave a crochet workshop on a special location: a farm.  I have known Boer Henk from’ Hoeve Wesselink’ for 7 years now and come back yearly to ‘refuel’. You stay in a tent, but it’s more glamping! Not just a tent, but one of BoerenBed.
These are tents that are fully furnished for 6 people. But what I think is the best: there is no gas and no electra. I can hear you think, what about the cooking? And my phone? Well, You cook on a wood fire and in the evening
the whole tent is romantically lit by candlelight. If you sit outside by the fire at night and hear the children’s giggles from the bed, that’s one of those lucky moments that I cherish. But it is also great fun with a couple of friends. You’re pace slows down immediately and your only real worry is the fire. The farmer has free wood in a shack with you can grab when you need it. Also a fantastic thing is that Henk has set those tents on the edge of a forest line where you can build huts, race with a skelter, swing high, or just enjoy the quietness and the birds. The freshly laid eggs at breakfast are also special and fantastic to bake on the fire. Although we usually make pancakes, because by the time the water boils we are hungry again.

And for 7 years I have been going to this easy going farmer Henk and his wife Margriet, and this year for the first time I would be giving a crochet workshop. Margriet has often seen me being creatively busy. For example, there was one year I crocheted funny colourful beanies to go with Henk’s blue overalls in wintertime. But also as a joke one  year:  I tried to be the first at the chickenpenn to grab an egg. I would crochet a gold sack around it and put it back in the penn. Then the waiting started for one of the children to arrive. Their eyes were big as saucers when they saw a gold egg!! Beautiful, and great fun.
This year I made a dreamcatcher for them. It hangs at the entrance of the forest because  beautiful dreams are made in that forest. I can hardly think of a nicer place.

And so now a crochet workshop. Ten ladies came in on Saturday morning with bags of wool and expectations. First of all, after some chitchat, I showed the ladies where toilet was: in my tent. As a result, they could see how nice it is to rent a tent there. Also explained the operation of the heart. Inside the door is a cut out ​​heart with a slider behind it. Is the toilet occupied: slider in front of the heart which turns the heart red. I always find it a very nice detail in that tough tent. There was also a lady who announced from the bridge whilst walking to the tent: that camping was really not something for her, oh no she would not be found dead in a tent… but once we turned the corner the first thing she said was: ahh but this is great!! We can stay here with friends, how many peolple fit in one tent???? 🙂

Once back at the tables, everyone soon found a place and we could start crocheting. The weather was great so we could sit outside. There was a nice refreshing breeze and on the picnic tables I had laid down a set of wraps and color combinations for inspiration.
Soon everyone was busy and chatting happily. Together we crocheted a flower and talked about the variations that might be possible. It’s always fun to see how different everyone crochets, and makes different color choices. A lot can be learned from  each other. Very valuable.
Eventually everyone eagerly went home full of inspiration and itchy hands wanting to get on with it as fast as they could
What a nice group of ladies!

At this location, I will give workshops more often, keep an eye on the site.

Lots of love