Pollevie wins lawsuit Adinda’s World

On April 25th 2018 the District Court of The Hague ruled in the summary proceedings Pollevie (Ellen Deckers) versus Adinda’s World (Adinda Zoutman). This case involving intellectual property of shawl and / or stole designs was won by Pollevie.

Verdict judge on Pollevie

The judge has ruled that Pollevie in no way infringes on copyrights of Adinda’s World. She described the Pollevie shawls as “more playful and more Freestyle” than the designs of Adinda’s World. The judge also ruled that Pollevie in no way acts unlawfully.

Verdict judge on Adinda’s World

On the other hand the judge ruled that Adinda’s World (Adinda Zoutman) did act unlawfully against Pollevie.

Adinda’s World has been ordered by the judge to pay legal costs to Pollevie and has to post rectifications on her social media in several languages to rectify the posts she made about Pollevie on Facebook and Instagram.


I have always said that shoveling dirt on your competitor does not make yourself better. I think it’s a pathetic behavior. Fortunately we have a constitutional state in the Netherlands that offers a solution in such unpleasant situations. This allows me to focus on what I love to do: design, crochet and color the world more beautiful every day. And happily, many more colorful and positive #polleviestyle fans do the same. 

“Spread love, not hate”

With love, Pollevie

Update 1:

On Tuesday May 1st 2018, Adinda Zoutman posted rectifications on Adinda’s World Facebook and Instagram, as ordered by the judge. See below. The rectifications should remain there for at least 6 weeks.

instagram adindasworld adinda zoutman shawl lawsuit rectification
Rectification of Adinda Zoutman on Instagram @adindasworld
facebook adindasworld adinda zoutman copyright rectification
Rectification of Adinda Zoutman on Facebook @adindasworld

Update 2:

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the deadline expired to appeal against the verdict. None of the parties has made use of this possibility. This means that the judges verdict is final. For the original verdict in Dutch see here.

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