Pollevie: how it started

Where does all that color, creativity, enthusiasm and passion come from?

I was born in Asia in a warm family who traveled all over the world because of my father’s work (Shell). From him I have the drive to make something of my life. My mother is my example in the creative field. As long as I can remember, she is busy with different kinds of textiles and makes the most imaginative creations with them. Felting, making garments, crocheting, knitting and free embroidery. She also provided workshops. As a little girl, I saw and helped her prepare for these workshops, and spend time in her sewing room.

She has always stimulated me to execute ideas I was thinking about. For example, when we arrived in the Netherlands, we spent two summers making textile mice as bookmarkers. We then sold these to a bookstore. I was able to pay my first scooter from the earnings.

After I received my Bachelor’s degree in teaching in Maastricht, I returned to the famous flower region of Holland. Here I am surrounded by the most amazing flowers all spring. My work as a school teacher is easy to combine with my creativity. Great to encourage children being creative. I do all kinds of stuff: window paintings, murals of children’s rooms, painting porcelain, making jewelry and crocheting. I am a pretty colorful personality and rarely leave a garment I buy the way it was. I like to ‘pimp’ it with brooches or handmade decoration like chains or patches or wear them in a different way.

I have my Etsy online store since 2013 where I sell my creations online. In addition, I sell my handmade products on a lot of local markets. Especially on the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. Here I sold my first wraps. Since the end of 2015, I went to sell my wraps (richly decorated with flowers and tulips) online. First via an online Marketplace and later via my Etsy shop.

I received so many positive comments, I decided to focus on this. My living room slowly changed into a kind of wool shop where I have all the colors in stock, so I can start a custom order immediately. Soon that was the only thing I did and where I find a lot of satisfaction. In addition, I can loose myself in this creative process completely. The best thing is that I can take my crochet work anywhere.

Besides crocheting and being an inspiration for others, I was increasingly asked to help people to crochet. So I decided to give crochet workshops. At the beginning of 2017 I released a tutorial that can help people who can not attend a workshop of me. I mostly enjoy the workshops abroad. Because of my international background, I speak English fluent. Traveling all over the world is in my DNA. Great to see so much positivity in people around the world and how they inspire each other.

The name Pollevie:

A question that is asked a lot. I like to wear flowers in my hair and earlier in two ‘messy buns’ on my head with all kinds of fake flowers. When I arrived in the Netherlands, I was called ‘Pollewop’ by children and my friends. In addition, I do not take life too serious. I like to be creative and enjoy the day. Of course I have problems sometimes. But I don’t throw in the towel that easy. But solve them in a positive way. I try to enjoy every day and get a lot of satisfaction from being creative. As Edith Piaf ever sang: “La Vie and rose”, translated freely: the rosy life. A combination of these two became ‘Pollevie’ and under that name I have been making creative products for 10 years as I sell on markets and online.

15 thoughts on “Pollevie: how it started

  1. So great to hear how you came to all of your colourful creations! And I smile as jou told about the name Pollewop…
    Ik heb oa 2 dochters ( nu volwassen) en toen ze vroeger klein waren heetten ze tante Tinteling en tante Pollewop…. toch wel een Nederlands dingetje..zulke gekke namen verzinnen….
    Ik geniet van al je kleurrijke en mooie haakwerken! Zelf ben ik ook een echte handwerkliefhebber en haak, brei en quilt heel graag. Groetjes en veel succes!

    1. Haha tante Pollewop inderdaad. Afkomstig uit de verhalen van Godfried Bomans Jij maakt ook prachtige creaties trouwens! Dank voor je berichtje, liefs

  2. Hi!
    I, like many others are truly inspired by your colourful and creative work. As a result I have started crocheting but not very successfully as I get bored easily.

    I moved to Spain two years ago and I’m struggling adapting as it’s pretty intense plus I’ve recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am an extremely creative person with loads of ideas buzzing around my head. I just wish I could concentrate on one which would help me to relax.

    Do you have any tips of how to really focus and complete one piece of work?



    1. Hi Donna, it is very personal. There are lots of resources on the net how to relax. What works for me is that I work on different projects at the time. When I get bored of one I just change to another project. That way I get new ideas and projects evolve over time. At the end I finish them all. Love Pollevie

  3. Estiy impresionada con tus trabajos tan hermoso. Tienes mucho talento y sensibilidad. Eres una gran artista y se ve que es tu pasion.

    1. Gracias por tu gran cumplido. Amor por mi

  4. What a lovely story I really enjoyed reading about you it’s beautiful I can’t wait to have you over for a day of exciting crocheting

    1. Haha well I am looking forward to it as well. Love, Pollevie

  5. Beautiful blog post. It’s really lovely knowing how you came to be creative

  6. I really love your work its so inspire ing I am now making shawls for my friends with m.s and call them let me wrap you I my warm and tender love. I will carry on crocheting until my hands give up as I am very I’ll myself. But yur work makes me smile.

    1. Hi dear Patricia, I am glad you are inspired and thank you so much for the good work you do. Everybody needs a bit of love and attention, especially the ill ones. You are a real guardian angel for this world. And that smile… well angels that smile make everybody smile. Lots of love from Pollevie.

  7. Hello! I recently discovered your Instagram page and love your creations. I can crochet but have never been able to follow a written pattern so was pleased to see you offer workshops. Will you have any in London this year as I’d really love to attend one.

    1. Hi Vivienne, unfortunately I don’t have anything planned in London yet. Maybe Brighton is an option. I will be there on 8th and 9nd September 2018. Love, Ellen.

  8. Es hermoso todo lo que haces adoro tu personalidad sos una inspiración y un referente

  9. What an amazing yarn stash! Lovely to hear your story. It was so lovely to meet you at Yarndale and I do apologise for nearly dismantling your stall – I was just so excited to meet you in person!

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