New designs #polleviewrap

You must have noticed that I am making and designing a lot of new crochetwork. I was inspired by Asia  and crocheted a kimono. Ideal as an extra layer over a summer dress or over your bikini at the beach or pool . I’m busy with the pattern for this eye-catcher.

In addition, I wanted to make something else besides flowers on my colorful shawls.

Spring is my favorite season. You can go outside again and everything begins to grow and bloom. I can also enjoy those moments when you can eat outside or drink a cup of tea and hear the birds whistle. That was it! I tried to crochet a branch and place it on a wrap. I managed to do so and loved it! The design has been improved in the meanwhile. The branch has side branches and really looks like a tree branch where blossom grows and birds perch down after a morning flight. Perfect for those cooler evenings if you can sit outside, or in the morning when you ride your bike. Those birds are so nice to crochet. The difference in yarn makes them all unique and different. Soft fluffy wool for the wings. Shiny yarn for the beak and the eye. Bobbly yarn for the body. Nice to experiment with and ideal for finishing your ‘leftovers’.

Because of my love for crocheting, the idea  to make a very big heart for the middle of the wrap was one that popped up in my mind. Of course with glittery edge. Where would we be without glitter. Straightaway They were  a success! The first one had already been sold before i had finished it. ‘Wrap yourself in love ‘is a beautiful quote for these shawls. They are made with love and radiate it too. They will keep you warm with love and it’s a beautiful unique extension to your wardrobe.

Wrap yourself in love !! ❤️

3 thoughts on “New designs #polleviewrap

  1. I so want to get your pattern for these beauties!!!

  2. Hi I would like to ask you what you sew the flowers on with?? Do you use yarn that matches the flower color?? How do you sew it in? I have never sewn anything on a crochet project just weave in the ends. Also when will I know that I can watch the videos will I get an email? Thank you so much for making such lovely shawls I have shown them on facebook and people are going nuts over them. I saw what you are charging for making one and I think that is a reasonable price for all of the time and effort you use to make one.

    1. Hi Brenda, actually I just made a video on how I sew the flowers onto the wrap and some pictures how the wraps look like at the back. It is on my FaceBook page, FB shortcut button on the footer of this page. Thanks for sharing and the compliments. P.S. on the tutorial page 2 there is a link on how to get access to the video’s. After you fill out the form you will get access within 24 hours.

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