New Design add-on: Swan shawl

I live near the water in the Netherlands. I really enjoy that, because you view changes  all year round. Every season has its own charm. In the winter, when it freezes long enough, we can iceskate on it. In the autumn I just look at  the water to see what  weather it is outside and in the summer I like to swim in it. But I prefer it when it is spring. Then it is busy with birds that make nests, or are looking for material to make them. The water lilies will then also rise and the water will have its own ‘garden’ with flowers and plants that are not there in autumn and winter.

But also…. Are youngsters are born in the spring! And that is a feast for the eyes. I especially like the swans. They swim in a long line behind their two mottled white parents. The pair at my house usually has about 6 youngsters and in the beginning they are all a bit dirty gray color. As if they can not be cleaned. But as they grow older, you see them growing and becoming whiter. So beautiful! They float by daily and come to see if there is anything to snatch. I find it very elegant birds to see. It’s for that reason that my ‘helper’ is also a plastic swan which I found at  a flea market at the IJhallen in Amsterdam. Since then he neatly keeps my scraps of wool together until I scatter them in the garden for the birds to cheer up their nests.

And so I was inspired again for a new add-on. A bird this time. A very big one. The Swan. A perky swan who is crocheted with the funny loop stitch so that he gets a tactile featherpack. It is easy to make and can be sewn onto anything.

He wades through the blue water flowers over the wrap, and likes to go outside with you.

Who wants to crochet along and make a beautifull swan polleviewrap?

2 thoughts on “New Design add-on: Swan shawl

  1. Is this a lot off pattern you add on to the shawl or crochet in the shawl? Its very clever.

    1. Thanks! The add-on is 30 pages with all the decoration in writing, diagrams and pictures. You however need the tutorial for the #polleviewrap as well. -x-

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