Design Add-on #polleviewrap Hert editie 2018

Design Add-on #polleviewrap Hert edition 2018 (NL version)

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Design add-on for the original #polleviewrap crochet pattern. Languages: Dutch. Easy to follow and suitable for beginners, so much fun to do. How cute is she!


With this design add-on for your #polleviewrap crochet you can do it Deer shawl edition 2018 hooks. Pollevie regularly releases new design add-ons for the #polleviewrap. It is an economical way for you to keep crocheting new designs based on Pollevie's original pattern.

Attention: The design add-on refers to the #polleviewrap tutorial, so you need this too. If you already have experience with crocheting #polleviewraps (for example because you have been to one of the workshops), then of course you don't have to buy the basic pattern for the #polleviewrap again. For those who still need the basic pattern for a #polleviewrap, this one is here to find.


    • PDF file with clear instructions and pictures how to do it Deer shawl edition 2018 to crochet;

    • Additional patterns for the design elements of this shawl;

    • References to the brand and type of yarn used;

    • Needle sizes;

    • Crochet diagrams.

"The deer on the scarf was first created by Pleun, a member of the Pollevie crocheters group. With her permission we have released this design add-on. Crocheters who inspire and love to share." - Ellen

Languages: You will receive the design add-ons in all available languages (American / English and Dutch are available).

Facebook group: You are hereby invited to the Facebook group Pollevie Crocheters. You can show your work here, get help and admire more beautiful creations made by fans. It is a very positive, creative group of thousands of crocheters from all over the world who are also inspired by #polleviestyle.

Attention: This is not a finished product, but a tutorial with which you can make it yourself. You will receive an email with the download once the payment is completed.