Crocheting a cargo-box cover

It was early July and that means: summer holiday. I love camping and the freedom with comes along with it. And this year we (my boyfriend and I) decided to do that again. We do this as follows: On the day of departure, we look at the map of Europe on our telephone and choose the direction where the sun shines and where it is warm enough. Just randomly without any plan we take of. If we have driven enough we search for a campsite and if there is nothing available we camp in the wild, wich is very easy in France. We pack some stuff together, stuff this into the car and go. Easy, wouldn’t you think? But, my love  limits the amount of items to be brought by me. He gives me two plastic boxes that I can fill. One for my clothes, and one for the kitchen stuff.

But I’m not going anywhere without wool. This year I thought of something new to try: vacuum bags, because it’s more wool and does not seem to be so much. 😉

My boyfriend and I travel together for two weeks, stay on campsites, and do nothing at all. We always go with my boyfriends car, because he has the biggest one. He has got this cargo-box wich he insist on taking along. Each year we have the discussion about the needlessness of this thing, since we are only with two persons and in a big car, but he insists… because he is travelling with a lady.

I believe that everything we bring/need/and still buy on the go, will fit in the car easily (if packed right) in the car. But well, opinions differ, so the cargo-box came along again.

On August 5th, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday. It’s a challenge to think of something fun to give him. Something that he likes and what he will love forever and will never part with. Something wich he can be proud of and talk to his mates about…

We were in the French Alps and I was looking forward to seeing the mountains and saw one after another tourist come with all kinds of camping equipment, campers, caravans, bicycles, cars, with or without children etc. etc. Also many cargo-boxes, wich my boyfriend always points out enthousiasticly to me. However, most of those cars also have a group of children aboard and therefore lack of space, so the cargo box is a necessity.

And then the idea popped in my head!  If that cargo-box has to come along, then it had better be a nice/colorful/spectacular one. Because all those cargo-boxes are for some reason gray or black: boring.

Already looking through my sack full of wool, I made a selection of colors and I crocheted a fantastic birthday present in a couple of days with all kinds of benefits:

  • Car is easy to find in the parking lot;
  • Hip cargo-box;
  • Also isolates fine;
  • Nice and soft when you open it, etc etc.

After a couple of times, adjusting and measuring and yet taking into account his preference for certain colors, suddenly there was the cargo-box cover. An instant success number. My boyfriend took 5 minutes to adjust to this new idea but was enthousiastc after that.  Together we made a video the next day in the French countryside and villages. Nice to do! And now he drives proudly in one of the hottest cars with handmade cargo-box cover. Happy birthday honey.

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