Crochet workshop in Copenhagen

Finaly the day came that I packed my suitcase to go to Denmark to give a crochetworkshop. It was quite a task to get the maximum amount of wraps in my rol-on-trolly, but I managed.

After a short flight I arrived in Copenhagen at midnight and got on the metro for a short ride to meet Eva. It was so much fun to hear people talk Danish around me. It actually sound a bit like Dutch. I had untill then only talked to her via social media, but as I saw more and more pictures of her gorgeous cafe and life I had a feeling we could hit it of straight away.

And as expected, we did. She loves color as much as I do and is a very cheerfull and bubbly lady full of energy. Since there was a party going on in her cafe I could get a sneak peek at what I was in for tomorrow.

The cafe @madsensmekka is situated on a corner and fairytale lights and of course the beautifull emerald green wallpaper makes it hard to miss. From a distance it looked very very ‘Hygge’. The Danish word for ‘cozy’. And it was even better when you were inside! Everywhere you look you see something colorfull, happy, silly, fun thing to look at. It has deep windowshelves wich Eva filled up with curiosities wich you can have a look at. Flamingo’s, mice to put in bottle’s origami stars, beaded designs, porcelein cows, so much to see.

It is like she says her creative playground.

Not to say the least about her very nicely written menu on the backwall of the cafe with a variety of homemade dishes wich she prepares fresh in her tiny kitchen. She even bakes fresh bread every day there wich makes the whole cafe smell gorgeous. But I needed some sleep, so off to bed.

The next morning I got everything ready for the workshop. The wraps were neatly piled up on the couch and fitted right in the scenery. The first ladies started to arrive, they were as excited as I was. With no time to waste, because we had a lot of crocheting to do, I briefly introduced myself and got them all started. As these were all experienced ladies in crocheting , the cafe soon turned into a bustle of activity. It went quiet and everybody was buisy matching colors, crocheting away, measuring wraps, chatting about previous projects, and asking questions. In the meanwhile they managed to teach me (with endless patience) the danish crochetstitches, wich were very different from the dutch ones 🙂

After a couple of hours hard work we had a very fine tasting lunch wich Eva had made for us.

Sooner than we all wanted the workshop came to an end. Much was learned, we had lots of fun talking an laughing. These Danish ladies had a very good sence of humor! And after a photosession we had to part.

I will miss them dearly. I wouldn’t have minded if it had been a two day course. But I will come back in on the 17th of December and maybe some will stop by to show their process with the #polleviewrap. If you want to join this workshop in Copenhagen on the 17th of December, you can use the button below for more information.

Lots of love,

3 thoughts on “Crochet workshop in Copenhagen

  1. Please please do one in the uk

    1. Guess what… 14th and 15th October I am doing workshop in the UK… You are welcome to come. See dates on this site.

  2. Ellen, I so much enjoyed your workshop and stay in Copenhagen, I’m proud to host another crochet workshop with you the 17. December.
    See you and some awesome ladies ⭐️❤️

    Love Eva/Madsens Mekka

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