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First Pollevie retreat @Wickfarm

First Pollevie Retreat at ‘Wick Farm’ Almost a year ago I was in Brighton to give a workshop at C&H.I would be there for two weekends in a row. Penny had signed up for both workshops together with Sian. She cheerfully came in with the announcement that she could not crochet, but that she was  my […]

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H+H Cologne crochet horse

H+H Cologne crochet workshop by Pollevie

What a fun experience I had last weekend! The H+H in Cologne (Germany) is THE largest craft trade fair in the world. I was approached by the H+H fair organisation in August last year to give a workshop. I had never heard of this fair,  so I started by exploring it via internet. I soon discovered […]

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Master class dyeing wool at @wolmetverve

Last Sunday I drove towards Zwartsluis early in the morning. Here is the shed where Sylvia van @wolmetverve has her domain. She dyes yarns that are sold internationally, but also has a shop there. A magical wonderful process that I wanted to take a closer look at to understand how those beautiful skeins are created […]

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kristy glass knits pollevie interview

Interview with Kristy Glass Knits

On my October 2018 trip to New York I had this interview with Kristy Glass Knits. She turned out to be a colorful and creative person. We had a good vibe going on.

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skyline nyc pollevie

I am going to take you somewhere magical

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 Never thought that my hobby would become so big that I would go on a journey for it. In the past I always wanted to be a stewardess, because then I could see some of the world. I like to travel. Only there was always a reason why that dream could […]

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New Design add-on: Swan shawl

I live near the water in the Netherlands. I really enjoy that, because you view changes  all year round. Every season has its own charm. In the winter, when it freezes long enough, we can iceskate on it. In the autumn I just look at  the water to see what  weather it is outside and […]

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she cave studio pollevie yarn stash

Pollevie: how it started

Where does all that color, creativity, enthusiasm and passion come from? I was born in Asia in a warm family who traveled all over the world because of my father’s work (Shell). From him I have the drive to make something of my life. My mother is my example in the creative field. As long […]

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workshop crochet shawl wrap pollevie polleviewrap visits Pollevie workshop

Tineke from the leading webblog came to follow a workshop shawl hooks with me. Tineke shares her experiences off the workshop with you in her blog on Always nice if participants give feedback. You can read the experiences of Tineke here (Dutch): Crocheting with Pollevie. If you did not know, definitely worth […]

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Crochet workshop in Copenhagen

Finaly the day came that I packed my suitcase to go to Denmark to give a crochetworkshop. It was quite a task to get the maximum amount of wraps in my rol-on-trolly, but I managed. After a short flight I arrived in Copenhagen at midnight and got on the metro for a short ride to […]

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Free crochet pattern eye #polleviewrap

To thank all my dear fans on FB and IG for the new followers milestone, hereby a free crochet pattern for an eye. I used this specific wrap to make a birthday surprise for my friend. See my other post: “Crocheting a cargo-box cover“. Have fun crocheting xxx Have fun with this free crochet pattern.

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