Pollevie goes USA

After Holland, Denmark and United Kingdom my first planned intercontinental workshop is a fact. I will be giving a Pollevie crochet workshop how to crochet a #polleviewrap/shawl/poncho/bag in New York City on February 25th 2018. Thanks to so many enthusiastic followers/customers that color this world more beautiful every single day. I am so excited! We […]

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Crocheting a cargo-box cover

It was early July and that means: summer holiday. I love camping and the freedom with comes along with it. And this year we (my boyfriend and I) decided to do that again. We do this as follows: On the day of departure, we look at the map of Europe on our telephone and choose […]

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Crochet pattern Polleviewrap results from fans

I give workshops and I sell the crochet pattern of the #polleviewrap to design and crochet a shawl. I do this with great pleasure besides my regular job as a teacher and motherhood. I think it’s great when people share their experiences and keep me informed of their progress. Super fun to see how every […]

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free crochet pattern heart by pollevie

Free crochet pattern heart #polleviewrap

Just because I love to share something with you. The heart suits the slogan “Wrap yourself in love with a #polleviewrap”very well. Hereby a free crochet pattern for the heart on one of your wraps. Have fun with making these hearts.

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Workshop crochet at the farm (BoerenBed)

Last Saturday I gave a crochet workshop on a special location: a farm.  I have known Boer Henk from’ Hoeve Wesselink’ for 7 years now and come back yearly to ‘refuel’. You stay in a tent, but it’s more glamping! Not just a tent, but one of BoerenBed.These are tents that are fully furnished for 6 […]

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New designs #polleviewrap

You must have noticed that I am making and designing a lot of new crochetwork. I was inspired by Asia  and crocheted a kimono. Ideal as an extra layer over a summer dress or over your bikini at the beach or pool . I’m busy with the pattern for this eye-catcher. In addition, I wanted to […]

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Workshop design and crochet shawl/wrap

I regularly give workshops crochet shawls. There are many types of shawls and it is nice to make them yourself, because you can make him exactly as you want. I start such a workshop with some information about color use, surface division and possible decorations. Different forms are also covered, and I have examples of […]

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Photoshoot Mantingerzand

My boyfriend likes to take pictures. And that comes in handy sometimes 😊. Last weekend I spent it with him in the beautiful province of Drenthe. The landscape is so different from where I live in the West of Holland.  More natural and wide open spaces. Bit rugged plains with old trees, heaths, sheep and […]

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Crocheting is fun to do!

What could be finer than the morning at the weekend with a cup of hot herbal tea just take the time to crochet? Or in the evening when the kids are in bed. The great thing about crocheting is that you can do it anywhere. At the gym class of my daughter, or at the pool during […]

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